A Corpse Without Soul

(Sheramnn / Diamond)

Listen, I'm a corpse, I'm a corpse, i'm a corpse without soul
Satan, he's taken, he's taken, he's taken his toll 
and he took it out on me 
I, I'm trapped, I'm trapped, I'm trapped in his spell
Tonight, I'm going, I'm going, I'm going to Hell, inside his spell

I was walking down amoung the graves, I heard a cry, my shadow was gone
Emptiness in my body, I felt so alone
Small black wings on my naked back

Now guess what I saw on one of the stones, I saw my soul, in a magical haze
It was all dressed up a corpse in a wedding dress
Small black wings on my naked back

Now hear my prayer, beggin' for mercy, I'm just living to die

Satan has taken his toll