Night of the Unborn


I forbid you entrance here, you step on hollow ground 
Don't you see this chapel 
Shut up! Hold your tongue, they must rest 
in silence 
It's the rebirth of the unborn 

Tonight is the night 
The spirits of the unborn will play tonight 
The unborn will play tonight 

They will dance around the chapel 
It's a feast for the dead 
They will make a fool of the priest 
And the dead boy's choir will sing 
A song for the dead to whom life has just 
Life of the unborn 

This one's for the unborn 

Solo: Michael Denner

Did you know? 13 days have come and gone 
Since we had the first of june 

The spirits of the unborn will play tonight 
Forgive them, they didn't die

Solo: Michael Denner/Hank Shermann/Michael Denner/Hank Shermann/Michael Denner