Follow the Wolf


The morning slowly came, my life about the end
Then the wind would change, all but one had left
The angelic wolf had stayed, without a word she said
Follow me, follow the wolf
And so I followed the wolf, up the wooded mountain side
Close to the top... she suddenly stopped
Sun to east, man and beast
Just two silhuoettes... in a landscape never to forget
Like dark decaying teeth, I saw the village beneath
A few and distant roads all leading away from here
Nobody in the streets... decay
I must follow the wolf again, I must follow her till the end
The end
The wolf had turned around, facing higher ground
And there it was... The House Of God
In awe I looked as time had stopped
Follow me

Solo: Andy

I had never seen a church like this before
"This Place Is Terrible" inscribed above the door
Like dark decaying teeth, I saw the church within
A few distant thoughts, inviting me in to sin
Nobody in the church... decay

Solo: Glen

Shrouded in a gloomy light, as if my final night
I wonder if God was ever here
Or did her turn away in fear, did he turn away in fear?