The Meetings


The night is black
7 figures walk
the streets of Louviers
Picard is one,
another two are priests
And then the nuns going to

The meetings held in secrecy
Evil company
full of secrecy,
again and again

The room is dark
Candles on the wall,
they've been here before
The christian cross
is hanging high above
The altar of GOD

Solo: Pete

Madeleine is at the gate
Hazy feeling in her brain
As the strangers come in to


The strangers brought
The sweetest little child,
but something's wrong
The baby cries,
someone here will die
And now the nuns pray


Madeleine and the other nuns
They hold the infant up to the cross
As father Picard and the priests
Approach with hammers and nails
There's no more to tell