Mother's Getting Weaker


Tonight would be
the last night that we had our tea
That bloody tea,
which sent us into ecstasy

Yesterday Mother complained,
feeling dizzy, all in pain

Mother's getting weaker,
looking paler day by day

As morning came,
she could not make it out of bed
And Grandma's spell
was getting straight into her head
Not a single word,
she didn't seem to be alive

Getting weaker,
looking paler day by day

Then Missy came in and
she led me by the hand

I didn't want to go,
Oh but I should have known

Mother was barely conscious,

why should I care

Just looking forward
to the next ordeal

Solo: Andy/Pete/Andy

I think I heard
My sister begging me to stay
She gave me the phone,
so I could call someone for help
I simply let go of her hand,
then I cut the wire
Missy was crying
as I left them both behind
And Mother's getting weaker,
Missy shouted at My back
"I hate You"