The Portrait

The Spirit Of The Candle:
"My Mother Was Obsessed By Evil Jealousy
She Didn't Want Nobody
To Even Look At Molly
She Kept Me Locked Up In This Attic 'Till I Died
Only 4 Years Old,
My Story Left Untold"
Oh Molly...
Oh Molly

Mother Was Struck By This Infallible Idea
If She Could Paint My Portrait
I Would Remain Immortal
And I Could Hang Downstairs Above The Fireplace
A Little Girl In Lace,
Not A Single Trace Of Crime"

Solo: Andy

"Each day And Night She Worked
And Autumn Turned To Spring
For Every Stroke She Painted
A Little Life Was Ended
At Last I Felt So Weak I Could Not Even Speak
But In That Fatal Portrait
My Spirit Came To Lfe Again"
Oh Molly

Solo: Mike

"That Night I Made The Portrait Speak In Evil Tongue:
You're Gonna Go Beyond Too,
May Pain And Death Bestow You
She Grabbed A Book
And Spoke Aloud An Ancient Rhyme
While She Burned The Portrait
In The Candle Of Fate"
Oh Molly

"I've Gotta See Ma"